Libra Solutions offers a range of products which are designed primarily for use in the marine market but will also find use in other areas.

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AirPlay Manager

AirPlay is a great facility but if there are dozens of Airplay receivers (playout devices) for your clients to choose from the system becomes unwieldy to use. Libra Airplay Manager simply controls which players appear in the Airplay list on each iPad/iPhone.

Download the Airplay Manager datasheet.


Maritime Satellite TV and VSAT antennas are often used in pairs to remove blockage by the mast. We offer a range of automatic changeover switches giving seamless antenna switching for pairs Satellite TV and VSAT. Libra VSAT switchers are so fast that you won't even hear a gap in a voice call. Datasheets coming soon, but products are available to order now - please contact us for details.


This product allows a vessel with multiple Internet connections, for example VSAT and 3G/4G Cellular, to route traffic from different groups of users to particular internet connections. So the Owner could have sole use of the VSAT service, whilst the Crew are switched to the cellular service.

Download the WANMeister product sheet

SIP Ring Detector

The Libra Solutions SIP Ring Detector connects to an IP PBX and registers as a SIP Client, pretending to be a simple SIP telephone.

By programming the PABX to call this device in parallel with the Engine Control Room phone, its internal relay will operate, and can be used to activate Strobes and/or Sirens in high noise areas to alert those working in these areas to incoming phone calls.

Download the SIP Ring Detector data sheet.


The EtherAmp is a powerful but compact slave amp ideal for pantries or powder rooms. It offers flexible control options, a small footprint, cool running, and both analogue stereo and digital inputs. It can be powered via PoE.

Download the EtherAmp datasheet.


The EtherPot is a wall-mounted, ethernet-attached volume control. It can be set up as a continuous encorder or with end stops, and is powered via PoE. The EtherPot can be used to directly control one or more Libra EtherAmps, or as part of a more complex control system.

Download the EtherPot data sheet.

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